New Releases

bluehighway1Blue Highways new Sounds of Home is just one of the recent releases featured this week. Well also hear new ones from Ashlee Blankenship, Town Mountain, Delia Low, Jackstraw, David Grismans Folk Jazz Trio and more!

Of course we wouldnt dream of not including some good old gravy, so well hear a couple from The Osborne Brothers back when they were performing live broadcasts on WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Our weekly gospel set will close the program with The Tillers singing about Ezekiel seeing a wheel way up high in the middle of the air and then Don Rigsby will be Charged With Being Christian!

If you’re in Indianapolis, tune in to 88.7 on your FM dial at 9PM EASTERN during “Friday Night Folk” programming on WICR.

Not in Indy? Not a problem! The show will be posted here on the site later this week and remains on our player for 7 days.

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