Welcome to Fields of Bluegrass

Airing every
Friday evening
from 9:00-10:00 PM

Mission Statement:

To serve and enrich our community while celebrating central Indiana’s proud musical heritage.
To air listener requests, new releases, traditional, contemporary, and gospel bluegrass music.
To provide an outlet for local music and musicians.
To bring independent, high-quality bluegrass programming to central Indiana’s FM airwaves.


Upcoming events:

Tuesday 25th April, The Gospel Brothers in concert at “The Blue Indy Bell”. Contact us for tickets and info.

Friday 12th May,“Friday Night Folk” live session at the “White Horses”. Contact us for Tickets and info.


Events sponsored by

Carey London Ltd

Simply Removals

Castle Finance Direct

Our team is very blessed to have a new sponsor from Castle Finance Direct, thank you also.